My new blog

So because my media storage is full I have a new blog now 🙂

Mu meediamahat sai täis seega on mul nüüd uus aadress



I have a problem now… my media uploads are done… I’ve used all my 3 GBs 😝 have to come up with a solution… maybe I have to have a new blog 😞


Life has been so busy somehow… 

today I got good news at work… I’m getting my favorite tasks back 😊 jeeei 😊

We had a summer seminar at the woods and some cool extreme activities I managed to fully enjoy 😊


I have been riding my bike and I’m so proud to be able to do that 😝

And disc golf is a new thing in my life…

And I can share everything with a very special someone too 😉


I’m so grateful for being able to ride my bike and I love my bike to the moon and back. Yesterday we went to the store biking and today I came home biking….. I would have loved to ride 10 more kilometers… so warm and nice and sunny 😊


It a weird day… the weather has been foggy all day but the sun came out now 😊

But earlier I was thinking blue thoughts…

It seems like everything in my life comes with a big obstacle… my high school education, my bachelors degree, my being alive, my having a good life in every aspect, my job positions and things… weird but well can’t do anything about it but give my best… I’m hoping my master’s degree is coming normally… although I’m having trouble finding the best subject for my thesis 😞

But overall my life is good

I am totally loving my bike now… hopefully I can ride it for a bit tonight too 😊

And I think I like discgolf now 😝


Huh… I’m so super sleepy 😊 I think I haven’t had time to sleep about 2 weeks but everything is going to change today 😄😄😄 I’m having a day off tomorrow… I can sleep until 8 am but I’m starting soon 😊

Everything else is super cool!!!

Work is still not motivating but well… I’ll just wait for the right opportunity to make everything better 😉

I took my bike out for a spin on Sunday 😊😊


Our choir had the spring concert yesterday 😊 with a Finnish choir 

Kristjan got the second place at a drifting competition 😊

It’s Mother’s Day 💐

I rode my bike around Merivälja 😊😊😊


I’m grateful for everything in my life. This week has been busy again 😊

But now it’s the last full school weekend this semester. I have a subject for my thesis now 😝


It’s so busy 😊

But I had an awakening on Wednesday… I think A somehow pun reasonable thoughts into me… I had been in motivated an a bit blue etc. So I woke up on Wednesday and I somehow transformed… now I’m happy and cheerful and I have realised that some things I thought were worth investing in really aren’t so now I just don’t invest myself into stuff nobody gives me credit for or nobody cares if I am doing something extra or not 😊 their loss 😊

We had a meeting in Tartu yesterday 😊 was kinda nice doing nothing for a day 😄😄 but it was super warm… 18 degrees and there was bowling too

Soosepa bog is so nice… it has been near my home the whole time but I have never been there… it one of my favorite places now 😊

And the summer is coming 


It’s a school weekend… one more full school weekend and then a few exams and then some summer time off 😊😊 can’t wait to be normal for a few months 😊

I was so tired yesterday that I fell asleep around 7pm 😝 and slept for about 12 hours 🛏 feels kinda ok now 

But the winter was here again yesterday… hopefully for the last time this season